This page is for Caporegimes in the Colombo crime family past and present.

(year made capo or status change)

Profaci Era 1928-1962 Edit

Joseph Colombo (1940's), John Franzese (1950's), Joey Gallo (1957)

Magliocco Era 1962-1963 Edit

Joseph Colombo (1940's promoted to boss), John Franzese (1950's promoted to underboss), Gregory Scarpa (1960's), Joey Gallo (1957),

Colombo Era 1963-1971 Edit

Carmine Persico (1963 promoted to boss), Charles Panarella (1960's), John Franzese (1967 demoted from underboss), Gregory Scarpa (1960's), Joey Gallo (1957 murdered),

Persico Era 1973-present Edit

John DeRoss (1973 imprisoned), Joel Cacace (1970's imprisoned), Thomas Gioeli (late 1990's), Vincenzo Aloi (1973 retired), Charles Panarella (1990's demoted), John Franzese (1967 promoted to underboss), Gregory Scarpa (1960's died of aids), Vittorio Orena (1980's imprisoned), Alphonse Persico (1980's imprisoned), Michael Franzese (1980's retired), Ralph DeLeo (2000's imprisoned), Thomas Farese (1978)

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