Capos of the Bonanno crime family past and present.

(year made capo or status change)

Bonanno Era 1931-1965 Edit

Carmine Galante (late 1940's promoted to Underboss), Gaspare DiGregorio (1960's promoted to boss), Phillip Rastelli (1950's), Giovanni Bonventre (1931 retired), Paul Sciacca (early 1960's), Michael Zaffarano (1960's),

DiGregorio Era 1965-1966 Edit

Carmine Galante (1962 Demoted in bonanno war), Phillip Rastelli (1950's), Paul Sciacca (early 1960's promoted to boss), Michael Sabella (1965), Michael Zaffarano (1960's),

Sciacca Era 1966-1971 Edit

Carmine Galante (1962), Phillip Rastelli (1950's promoted to underboss), Michael Sabella (1965), Alphonse Indelicato (late 1960's), Michael Zaffarano (1960's),

Evola Era 1971-1973 Edit

Carmine Galante (1962 seizes power), Michael Sabella (1965), Alphonse Indelicato (late 1960's), Michael Zaffarano (1960's), Alfred Embarrato (early 1970's),

Rastelli Era 1973-1991 Edit

Galante/Rastelli Power Struggle 1973-1979 Edit

Galante Faction Carmine Galante (1962 murdered 1979), Michael Sabella (1965 demoted and died), Sicilian Faction Salvatore Catalano (1976), Rastelli Faction Joseph Massino (late 1970's), Neutral Alfred Embarrato (early 1970's), Michael Zaffarano (1960's died), Alphonse Indelicato (late 1960's murdered), Vincent Asaro (1970's),

Bonanno Civil War/Donnie Brasco 1979-1982 Edit

Sonny Black Faction Dominick Napolitano (1979 Murdered 1981), Joseph Massino (Late 1970's Promoted to Underboss) Sonny Red Faction Alphonse Indelicato (Late 1960's Murdered 1981), Dominick Trinchera (1979 murdered 1981), Phillip Giaccone (1979 murdered 1981), Alfred Embarrato (early 1970's), Anthony Mirra (1979 Murdered 1982), Cesare Bonventre (1979), Neutral Salvatore Catalano (1976), Vincent Asaro (1970's), Gerard Chilli (1979),

After Donnie Brasco remainder of 1980's Edit

Nicholas Santora (1983), Alfred Embarrato (early 1970's), Cesare Bonventre (1979 Murdered), Gerlando Sciascia (1980's), Anthony Urso (1988), Louis Attanasio (1986), Patrick DeFilippo (1980's), Frank Coppa Sr. (1980's), Gerard Chilli (1979), Vincent Asaro (1979), Salvatore Catalano (1976 imprisoned),

Massino Era 1991-2004 Edit

Salvatore Catalano (1976 imprisoned), Gerlando Sciascia (1980's murdered 1999), Anthony Urso (1988 imprisoned), Gerard Chilli (1979), Louis Attanasio (1986), Patrick DeFilippo (1980's), Vincent Asaro (1970's), Frank Coppa Sr. (1980's informant), Frank Lino (late 1990's informant), Richard Cantarella (early 1990's informant), Anthony Graziano (early 1990's promoted to consigliere), Alfred Embarrato (early 1970's died 2001), Vincent Basciano (early 2000's) Nicholas Santora (1983)

Post Massino Era 2004-2013 Edit

Vincent Basciano (early 2000's imprisoned), Nicholas Santora (1983), Salvatore Catalano (1976), Anthony Urso (1988 imprisoned), Louis Attanasio (1986 imprisoned), Patrick DeFilippo (1980's imprisoned), Vincent Asaro (1970's), Vincent Badalamenti (2000's), Gerard Chilli (1979),

Mancuso Era 2013-present Edit

Vincent Basciano(early 2000's imprisoned), Nicholas Santora(1983), Salvatore Catalano(1976), Anthony Urso(1988 imprisoned), Louis Attanasio (1986 imprisoned), Patrick DeFilippo (1980's imprisoned), Vincent Asaro(1970's), Vincent Badalamenti(2000's), Gerard Chilli(1979),Angelo"little Moe"Presenzano (1950-70s) Jerome Asaro


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