Carmine rosato

Carmine Rosato, known as one of the Rosato brothers along with his brother Tony, he worked in Peter Clemenza's organisation after Michael Corleone moved to Nevada, but was known to have ties with Hyman Roth in Miami. He is played by Carmine Caridi.

Clemenza allegedly promised Carmine and his brother three terroritories, but after he died, they were witheld by Clemenza's successor, Frank Pentangeli, who claimed that no promises had been made, and that the Rosatos were guilty of causing Clemenza's heart attack.

As Michael was in negotiations with Roth, he refused to allow Pentangeli to act, instead he ordered him to sue for peace, at least for the time being. Pentangeli reluctantly agreed, but was garroted by Tony Rosato, in a botched assasination.

It later transpired that the attempt was intended to fail, it was set up to seem as if Michael had ordered the hit, giving Pentangeli the incentive to testify against his former Godfather and thus remove him as a threat to Roth.

It is unknown what became of the Rosato brothers after Hyman Roth's death, although it is possible that they were also wiped out.

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