Carmine Marino (1941-1964) was an assassin in the Bocchicchio Family.


Taken into America at the age of 15 to be a hostage, Carmine Marino knew it would be his new home. He was taken to America in 1956 to be a hostage held by Donnie Bags, Richie Nobilio, and a Trapani Soldati called Joe Bono. He played cards with them in a building being supervised by caporegime Rocco Lampone. He immediately bonded with everybody, and was shortly 'made' thereafter.

He was trained by Nick Geraci for several years in the swamps of New Jersey, supervised by the Stracci family. His target was the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, whom president James Shea personally wanted dead. He left for Cuba in the summer of 1961, and stayed there for another year to become familiar with the place.

Castro HitEdit

If Castro was to be killed, it would have been a sort-of revenge for Michael Corleone, who lost millions on the Cuba deal. Finally in June of 1962, female assassins provided him with supplies he needed to kill Castro. He went up in a tower and spotted Castro from his motorcade, aimed, then fired and Castro was down. He thought he had killed the leader of Cuba when he had in fact killed a body-double. This precautionary measure was taken up following numerous attempted hits on Castro, including one by Don Calogero Rocca in 1959.

Marino dressed as a woman to escape Cuba, but Cuban authorities captured him before he could escape. They tortured him but he would not speak. Then, finally in 1963, the CIA killed Marino to keep him from spilling information. The hit was organized by CIA agent Joe Lucadello.

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