Carmine Cuneo is the head of the Cuneo family. He was portrayed by Rudy Bond.

Don carmine cuneo

Don Cuneo was the oldest don of the big five and he was known as one of the few Dons whose criminal activites had never been suspected by the police. Don Cuneo ran a fleet of milk trucks from Hell's Kitchen as a front for his illegal activities. This earned him the nickname 'The Milkman'. Cuneo was known as an affable and good-natured figure, who was usually seen wearing a white fedora and carrying copious amounts of sweets in his pockets to bestow upon his grandchildren or upon children of his business associates. Such behaviour made him pass by the law unsuspected. He was the second most senior Don on the Commission, after Vincent Forlenza of Cleveland. He had two sons, Marco and Leo Cuneo. Always fond of children, during the peace meeting arranged by Don Corleone, Carmine made it a point that the future drug business would not involve children in any way. Cuneo sided with his fellow dons against the most powerful of the five, the Corleones, in Emilio Barzini's plot to take their territory and assets, and spread the heroin trade through the entire city. His family became heavily involved in the mob war shortly after it began, assassinating two Corleone button men whilst they were stil eating their soup. They were some of the strongest fighters in the war, and Don Cuneo, despite his unassuming nature, was known to be a ruthless tactician. After the death of Sonny Corleone, Vito Corleone put a stop to the war, but his son Michael continued to plot against his father's enemies. For his part in the conspiracy, Cuneo was assassinated in 1955 by Corleone family soldier Willie Cicci, who trapped the unsuspecting Don in the revolving door of a hotel lobby before shooting him through the glass several times. His role in commanding the Cuneo family was continued by Leo Cuneo in 1950 until 1979, when the Commission was wiped out by Joey Zasa.

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