Soon after the hit on Don Corleone, Bruno murdered Frankie Malone at the St. Michael's Church. and incurred the wrath of her boyfriend Aldo Trapani, a Corleone enforcer. At this time, Bruno had recently become the Family underboss after the murder of his brother Johnny. To lure Bruno out, Trapani and Sonny Corleone killed a Tattaglia Capo who was cremated at the Family funeral parlour, Tito Morelli's. Bruno arrived at the funeral, prepared for an attack, but he was thrown into the cremation oven by Trapani at four am. Bruno's demise struck a blow to the Tattaglia Family, who later retaliated by shooting Sonny Corleone at the Jones Beach Causeway. Instead of being killed in 1947 as of the film, he is instead killed in 1948, since this is where Frankie was killed.

Game bruno

Luca Brasi meeting with Solozzo and Tattaglia.

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