Bobby Marcolini (1897 - 1948 aged 51) was a Cuneo soldato.

Early LifeEdit

Marcolini came from Sicily, He and his family immigrated over to Hell's Kitchen on 1912. Marcolini and his kid brother started a gang in Hell's Kitchen. Don Cuneo heared of his crime talent and hired him into the family.


Soon when Marcolini became made on 1933, He ran under Ronnie Tosca's crew.


Marcolini was known to be a violent man who often took out hits against non-combatants. He was also known to give out loans to merchants who couldn't afford to pay them off, merely so he could intimidate and bully them until they paid off, or until his own family had to call him off.


On 1948, Marcolini shot and killed Peter Clemenza's associate in his crew. Marcolini attacked him for personal reasons not business, The hit lead to Marcolini's death. Aldo Trapani threw Marcolini off a bridge to make it look like an "Accident".

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