• Donjpzgosh

    The MafiaEdit post | Delete post

    by John Prowell on April 08, 2013

    It's amazing how you can hear a name and wonder where did i hear that name before. I was doing something important and i had the opportunity to assist in a legal medical manner that helped out a the Jr. of this Mafia Boss listed below.After doing research i found out that i have the same birthdate of this Mafia Boss..July 19th. What is the likely hood that you can do a favor for a Mafia Boss's son and then turn out to have the same birthdate as his father..This just really blows my mind...WOW....."G

    Anthony Ciccone

    Anthony Ciccone Added by Andrew nicholson

    Anthony "Sonny" Ciccone (pronounced "chee-KOH-neh") (born July 19, 1934) is a New York mobster and a captain of the Gambino…

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  • Don Tattaglia


    June 27, 2012 by Don Tattaglia

    I will be making changes to the crime on this wikia and I am going to be making a new wikia without wikipedia copyright information. No copying! Use your own knowledge but dont copy and paste. It looks WIKIA very bad!

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  • Kingofawosmeness777

    Hello, I am Kingofawosmeness777 creator of Death Wish Wiki and Organized Crime Fiction Wiki. I would like to invite and organized crime enthusiasts to join Organized Crime Fiction Wiki as we are looking for new members. On Organized Crime Fiction Wiki, you create a criminal organization and role play as the leader of it. You interact with other users organizations and control your organization's operations in your territory. Weather it be an Italian Mafia family or an Outlaw Motorcycle Club, there are tons of types of organizations to choose from. Check out the wiki and if you have any questions be sure to message me.

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  • Robertangelt

    Alfred Polizzi

    August 9, 2011 by Robertangelt

    I am hoping to find more about my uncle Al Polizzi and thank you for posting his pic.Does anybody have anymore pics of my unccle or please write me

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