Big Bobby Toro was one of the Barzini family's Caporegimes, the other being Pietro Testa.

Big bobby toro

Toro and Aldo Trapani

Toro gained a reputation for his brutally effective metohds, which led him to become Emilio Barzini's favourite caporegime. He became known for his skills during the Five Families War, which led to him becoming a hit target for the Corleone Family. To procure his safety, Don Barzini allowed Toro to be placed in Ryker's Island prison, where he would be safe from attacks, and still be able to coordinate plans for his regime. However, he was killed by Aldo Trapani at the Midtown Police Station before he reached the island. This caused problems amongst the Family, as they lost a good deal of their police protection from Midtown. Toro was suceeded as caporegime by Paulie Fortunato.

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