A tough Cuneo associate, and a vital part of the distribution racket.


Artie "The Moose" Manzanero (April 15,1900-August 4,1996) became known as the owner of the West Port Warehouse in Hell's Kitchen, which is a vital part of the Cuneo distribution network.

By the late 1940s he had ammassed a sizable amount of bodyguards who guarded his position. However, to avoid detection, the warehouse usually remained sealed, and the Corleone Family were even allowed to station several crewmembers there to ward off suspicion.

In 1948, Santino Corleone and Enforcer Aldo Trapani took down Manzanero's network, defeating the capo in the Caruso! club and interrogating a racket boss before assaulting Manzanero directly, bringing down his warehouse and focring him to do business with the Corleone Family.Manzanero's fall was one of the factors that decided the fate of Sonny Corleone, losing their main racket persuaded the Cuneos to to join the Barzinis in Sonny's assasination.

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