Anthony Pinelli

Anthony R. Pinelli, Sr. (October 28, 1899- 1974) also known as "Tony", was a member of the Chicago Outfit who operated in Illinois, Indiana and California.

Biography Edit

Pinelli was born in Sicily. As an adult living in America he became associated with organized crime in Chicago. He was a soldier in the North side crew of the Chicago Outfit. He allegedly became a bootlegger during the 1930s. Pinelli joined the Outfits Northwestern Indiana rackets where he was a bookmaker. He then retired in California. Pinelli held several real estate holdings, was a produce broker, olive oil importer and owner of a restaurant and motel. He was considered a very influential member of the mafia in California, Indiana and Illinois. He also was a partner with Carlo Olandese in the infamous El Bianco Restaurant on Chicago's south side.

In 1961, Pinelli, flew from Los Angeles to Chicago to attend the wedding of Outfit boss, Tony Accardo's daughter along with many other mobsters from across the country. Frank DeSimone was in reality the brains behind organized crime in Southern California during this time.

Pinelli died of natural causes in 1974.