Fat Tony is a recurring character in the animated sitcom The Simpsons. He is voiced by Joe Mantegna and first appeared in the episode "Bart the Murderer." Fat Tony is a mob boss. His henchmen are Legs and Louie, and Johnny Tightlips.

Fat Tony

Fat Tony has been behind most of Springfield's criminal enterprises. Fat Tony's associates meet in what is known as the "Legitimate Businessmen's Social Club." Tony's rackets include the usual organized crime activities such as illegal gambling, cigarette trafficking, and rum running to more unusual activities. In "The Twisted World of Marge Simpson" Homer contracted with the Springfield mafia to drive out Marge's rival snack food distributors to assist her pretzel franchise. The mafia demand 100% of Marge's profits from her pretzel business in exchange, only to be stopped by the local yakuza brought in by Marge's rivals. Much of Springfield's municipal government is involved with the Mafia. Chief Wiggum has been seen taking bribes from Fat Tony. Fat Tony once attempted to take out a hit on mayor Joe Quimby in retaliation for a raid on their rat milk facility (which Quinby opposed, as they promised him "dog or higher"). In "Papa's Got a Brand New Badge", Tony put out a contract on Homer after his private security business interfered with the mob's interests. Homer would have been executed gangland-style if not for Maggie coming to the rescue with her rifle. In the episode "Moe Baby Blues", Marge mentions that the Mafia frequently congregates outside her house, and that she sometimes brings them lemonade. In one brief appearance, he and Louie are in the DMV when Troy McLure enters. Louie tells Tony that Tony said Troy was dead, however, Fat Tony says that he had said Troy "sleeps with the fishes" (meaning an incident which destroyed Troy's career where he, literally, "slept with the fishes"). Fat Tony's son Michael is introduced in the episode "The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer" (he was mentioned earlier in "Moe Baby Blues" and "The Seven-Beer Snitch") and Bart reveals that Fat Tony muscled McDonald's and Burger King out of Springfield so Krusty Burger can have a monopoly. The episode also reveals that Fat Tony's wife " was whacked of natural causes ", and that he once nearly killed Chief Wiggum. Though not strictly a "business" dealing, he has shown to be involved in gambling several times, most notably in the episode "Homie the Clown", in which he made numerous sports bets with Krusty, including one large bet where Krusty bet all the earnings he made from a Clown Collage AGAINST the Harlem Globetrotters, as he "thought the Generals were due", a reference to the fact that the Globetrotters rarely lose (after losing to the Generals in 1962 they went on a 2495 game winning streak over 9 years). Fat Tony's design is modeled after character actor Paul Sorvino.

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