Anthony J. "Tiger" Cardarella (1926–1984) was a Kansas City, Missouri mobster involved in large-scale fencing operations. Cardarella was the owner of the DBA Tiger Records shop on Independence Avenue in Kansas City. He was also a suspect, along with Felix Ferina, in several prominent gangland slayings. Cardarella served five years in prison for receiving stolen property and selling firearms without a license. He was notorious for paying professional thieves and shoplifters to steal records from various local record stores. It is believed that that is why he was murdered, under the assumption that he stole from a Mafia rival.

In February 1984, police found the body of Anthony Cardarella in the trunk of his Cadillac with his hands cut off, possibly to send a message on account of him being an infamous thief. The abandoned car, located near a freight company, had been towed off the street to the city impoundment lot. The body sat in the trunk for seventeen days before being discovered.

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