Angelo Sciandra

Angelino J. Sciandra (born November 26, 1923- died 2005) was a capo in the Bufalino crime family and the son of onetime boss John Sciandra.

Biography Edit

Sciandra was born in Pittston, Pensylvannia and became a member of the Bufalino crime family under powerful mob boss Russell Bufalino. He was one of the attendees of the ill fated mob conference in Apalachin, New York in 1957. His father was John Sciandra, a Sicilian mobster who led the Pittston-Scranton crime family and was succeed by Joseph Barbara. In 1940 Bufalino retired at which point Barbara became the boss of the family. His only known arrest prior to 1960 was conspiracy to obstruct justice regarding Apalachin. He was a known strong-arm man in the garment industry.

Sciandra was allegedly a skilled musician and helped fight the labor wars between Bufalino and the ILGWU (International League of Garment Workers Industry). He was the owner of Ann-Lee Frocks Dress Co. in Pittston and operated an elaborate arsonist scheme. He would rob his own dress factory of its machines and pay off police to store them in their storage rooms, replace the machines with burnt machinery, committed arson to collect the insurance, and kept the machines for later use. He was reportedly a close associate of Russell Bufalino.

He reportedly retired from the Mafia in 1989 and went to live in St. Louis, MO. He died of natural causes in 2005.

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