Angelo Commito (1945-) was a well respected owner of a Chicago corporation, Labor Health Plans. He was brought up on racketeering, conspiracy and fraud charges in 1988. Angelo was convicted of minor offenses in a California Federal Court. Although an associate of the Chicago Outfit most Mafia Experts and Law enforcement officials know he was never involved with the San Francisco crime family. He moved to California from Illinois in 1985. He lived in Fairfax, California.

Insurance Dealer Acquitted in U.S. Fraud Case January 28, 1989 | From Times Wire Services Los Angeles Times A California insurance dealer accused by federal prosecutors in a sweeping nationwide health insurance fraud case has been acquitted in the first of as many as five trials. Angelo T. Commito, along with an insurance broker and a union official, was found innocent Thursday by a federal jury of charges of embezzlement from the union's pension fund and accepting kickbacks on insurance contracts. The jury deliberated seven hours before reaching the verdict.

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