Aldo Trapani is the protagonist of the video game The Godfather: The Game, based on the film
Aldo trapani

Aldo Trapani

The Godfather. He is the son of Sarafina and Johnny Trapani. In the game Aldo seeks revenge against Don Emilio Barzini for killing his father. In the game Aldo becomes Don of the Trapani family. He also meets Don Vito Corleone and works with Monk Malone, until his death. He is called at the end Don Trapani making his name Don Aldo Trapani.

The Godfather: The GameEdit

The game starts with a cutscene that shows the main character, Aldo Trapani, as a child witnessing his father gunned down on the street by Emilio Barzini, who are the Corleone family rivals in 1936 New York. Don Vito Corleone comforts the child, telling him that when he is old enough and the time is right he will take his revenge.

The story then fastforwards to 1945 with the wedding scene in the opening of the film, where Aldo's mother asks Don Corleone to look after her son, who has been hanging with the wrong crowd. Don Corleone sends his enforcer Luca Brasi to find Aldo and teach him the ways of the of a sicilian. When Luca finds Aldo, he is being beaten up by his gang for asking for a bigger share of their loot. Luca saves him by killing the leader of the gang by smashing him in the head with a lead pipe. One of them escapes and shows up later with a member of the Tattaglia family. Both of them are killed.

Like the movie, Luca is later killed at a meeting he was sent to by Don Vito Corleone. After witnessing the murder, Aldo kills the assassins and then meets up with Marty "Monk" Malone, a Corleone Associate. Like the scene from the film, Don Corleone is gunned down while buying oranges from a street vendor and Aldo must rescue Monk's sister, Frankie Malone. Aldo is the one who drives the Don to the hospital with Fredo, and is told to leave by a distraught Sonny.

Aldo later helps Michael Corleone protect his father at the hospital. Soon after it is New Year's Eve in New York City, and Peter Clemenza extends Aldo an invitation to Rosa's for a party. Aldo arrives at the party and mingles with all the other Corleone family members there. However a Police Sergeant Joe Galtosino puts a stop to the party, and takes Rosa in for "questioning". Aldo then kills Sgt. Galtosino by throwing him off the roof, after finding him attempting to rape Rosa.

Essentially, there are two stories: the major events of the film and a personal story arc. In the former, Aldo does everything from planting the gun for Michael Corleone for killing Sollozzo, to helping Rocco put the horse head in Woltz's bed, guarding Vito Corleone at the hospital after the assination attempt to killing significant Corleone rivals during the baptism, witnessing the death of Sonny to showing up at the meeting of the Five Families, being Don Corelones guard. In the latter, Aldo befriends and later kills Monk Malone, romances Frankie Malone and takes revenge for her death, and kills Don Barzini in vengeance for killing his father. At the end of the game he becomes the don of the Corleone family. He later becomes Don of NYC, controlling all the crime in New York. As Don of NYC, he became as Don of the Trapani family, and his responsibilities of Don of NYC.

In the video game "The Godfather II", Aldo is killed during his escape from Cuba, and Dominic Corleone replaces him as Don of NYC.

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