Janurary 1 Chicago Outfit mob boss Alphonse "Al," "Scarface" Capone is sent to the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary after his 1931 conviction for tax evasion. Francesco "Frank 'The Enforcer' Nitti" Nitto succeeds Capone as leader of the Outfit. But, since Capone is in prison, Felice "Paul 'The Waiter" Ricca" DeLucia becomes the real, new Outfit boss. With all of Chicago's organized crime activity consolidated into the Outfit, that organization begins to resemble the modern day National Crime Syndicate.

February 9 - Renegade hitman Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll is killed in a drive-by shooting at a public telephone booth while attempting to extort money from mob boss Owney "Killer" Madden.

March 16 - Antonio Lonzo and Gerard Vernotico are killed by members of the Genovese crime family.

July 29 - Pittsburgh bootleggers John, Arthur, and James Volpe are shot to death in a Pittsburgh coffee shop. The hits were reportedly ordered by Pittsburgh crime family leader John Bazzano.

August 8 - John Bazzano is found stuffed in a burlap sack on a Brooklyn street He had been strangled, then stabbed to death. Bazzano's murder may have been connected to the gangland slaying of the Volpe brothers weeks earlier. Vincenzo Capizzi would later succeed Bazzano as head of the Pittsburgh crime family.

September 1 - New York Mayor James J. Walker resigns from office, following his testimony before the Seabury Commission.

Arts and Literature

Scarface (film) starring Paul Muni.


Salvatore Bonanno "Bill", Bonanno crime family member and son of crime family boss Joseph Bonanno.

Frank Imbruglia East Boston gunman.

Ralph Scopo, Colombo crime family member and Brooklyn labor union racketeer.

Giuseppe Lambeti "Joe", drug trafficker involved in the Pizza Connection and cousin of Salvatore Lamberti

Salvatore Lamberti, Sicilian mafiosi convicted in the Pizza Connection

July 28 - Alphonse D'Arco "Little Al", Lucchese crime family acting boss turned government witness.


Vito Cascio Ferro, Sicilian mafiosi.

February 9 - Vincent Coll "Mad Dog", New York Prohibition mobster.

March 16 - Antonio Lonzo, New York mobster.

March 16 - Gerard Vernotico, New York mobster.

July 29 - John Volpe, Pittsburgh bootlegger.

July 29 - Arthur Volpe, Pittsburgh bootlegger.

July 29 - James Volpe, Pittsburgh bootlegger.

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