Joseph DiGiovanni and Peter DiGiovanni are arrested by Kansas City police detective Louis Olivero after twenty extortion victims reported their activities. Before they are brought to trial however Olivero is shot in the back and killed. The DiGiovannis remain in power until the 1950s.

The Black Hand led by Sam Cardinelli begin setting off over eight hundred bombings killing over twenty people and wounding hundreds more until 1918 when they are convicted of murder and hanged. Benjamin Snyder, an associate of New York labor racketeer Joseph "Greasy Joe" Rosenzweig, is convicted of murder and sentenced to twenty years imprisonment Peter H. Matthews is arrested, tried, and jailed for operating policy games throughout New York City. Steve Wallace, with his brothers Frank and Jimmy Wallace of the Gustin Gang, begin hijacking and looting trucks in Southie often stripping cargo from the rear of the truck while stopped at intersections. The brothers are soon known by the press as the "Tailboard Thieves".

Al Capone joins the James Street Gang under Johnny Torrio, a satellite of the Five Points Gang.

March 12 - Frank Costello is arrested for carrying a concealed weapons after detectives receive information from an informant. Costello is sentenced to one year in Welfare Island prison by Judge Edward Swann and is released after ten months.

July 15 - New York police lieutenant Charles Becker is convicted of planning the murder of police informant Herman "Beansie" Rosenthal by the Lenox Avenue Gang in 1912 and executed at Sing Sing Prison.

Arts and literature

Sidney M. Goldin's The Last of the Mafia is released starring Jack J. Clark, William Conrad and Katherine Lee.


Emil Nizich, New York mobster

March 15 - Mario Anthony DeStefano, Chicago Outfit member

June 20 - Paul Castellano, Gambino crime family Don

November 15 - Santo Trafficante Jr., Tampa Mafia Don


John Condon "Blind John", Chicago racketeer involved in illegal gambling, bookmaking and horse racing.

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