Black Hand leader Giuseppe Morello is released from prison and begins counterfeiting operations to smuggle counterfeit $5 US dollar bills from Sicily into New York.

December 2 - New York District Attorney William Travers Jerome orders a raid on gambling racketeer Richard Canfield's illegal gambling resort.


Settimo Accardi, New Jersey Mafia enforcer.

Philip Bacino [Tony Cello], Cleveland mobster and bootlegger.

Angelo DeCarlo, Genovese crime family Capo.

Peter Magaddino, Joe Bonanno bodyguard and nephew of Stefano Magaddino.

Joseph Stacher, New York organized crime leader and Meyer Lansky associate.

July 4 - Meyer Lansky (Maier Sucholjansky), Mafia financial advisor.

August 24 - Carlo Gambino, Gambino crime family Don and National Crime Commission director.

September 8 - Phillip D'Andrea, Chicago Outfit member.

September 26 - Albert Anastasia (Umberto Anastasio), Mangano crime family leader and member of Murder, Inc.

November 22 - Joe Adonis, National Crime Syndicate member.

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